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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Should liquor be banned in Malaysia


Everywhere, there are advertisement and posters which with beautiful and sexy women who carried a bottle of liquor. On the wall of some coffee houses, bars, supermarkets and even in sundry shops where everyone can see. In Malaysia, everyone can buy and drink liquor without any control. At the coffee shop, there were always many drinkers who drank for all the day. The drinkers would become the burden of their family and country. So, there was always a question about liquor really harmful to the people and country and the government should ban it in Malaysia. After finding all the references and information was taken from newspaper, magazines, and through the internet were related with the problem of liquor in Malaysia. The resources show that even Malaysia allowed people to drink but there were many crime problems, health problems and economic problem had faced by the Malaysians due to liquor consumption. So should liquor be banned in Malaysia? Liquor should be banned in Malaysia because liquor was not really important in daily life. It caused many crime cases such as robbery, stealing, fighting and drove after drinking. Some worse drinker suffered with the liver cancer or heart attack because of drinking too much. Liquor also created the poor and the drinkers were not able to work and lose their income. In conclusion, liquor should be banned because it really harmful to health, created poverty and increased the crime cases in Malaysia.

There is a story of a Muslim who was about to join a gathering with the non-Muslim friends. A few months ago, his friend is his college invited him to a gathering but he did not attend. The reason he did not attend the gathering was because the venue is a pub or bistro. The pubs and bistros are serve liquor and a Muslim is not allowed to go those place all served with liquor. The puts limits to the events and occasion where non- Muslim and Muslim can get together. In other words, it creates segregation in the community. These problems have been faced by many Muslim because Malaysia is a multi-racial society and there are differences among the different religion in relative to liquor consumption. Should liquor be banned in Malaysia? For non-Muslim, they might be disagreed to ban liquor in Malaysia because it is a right for the non-Muslim and it brings benefit to the country’s economy. However, liquor actually is harmful because it creates poverty, crime problems and health problems.

Liquor is a kind of alcohol drinks such as beer, wine, whisky and other soft alcohol drinkers. Liquor or alcohol drinkers are sold in any place such as shop; supermarket and pub, even in coffee shop also can get the alcohol drinks. In Malaysia, there are nearly 20 million people and there are three main ethic group, Malays, 60 percent of the population; Chinese, 28 per cent of the population; Indian, 8 percent of the population and other nation. Malaysians are free to consume liquor to the Malaysia law but to the Islamic law, Muslim is not allowed to consume any liquor and go the place with serve liquor. In the past, liquor or alcohol actually is used for other used. In Sabah and Sarawak, the natives produce alcohol drink by traditional way which named as rice wine (duak/tapai). They used for gathering and special celebration. This drinking actually is a part of their culture. Even now they still serve the rice wine to their visitors who come to their long house. But in the state of Terengganu, the government does not allow people to dance and bring liquor into the hotel. And the government has the power to ban to consume liquor in Terengganu.

Counter Argument 1 & 2
Most people will not agree liquor should not be banned in Malaysia because it is the right of non-Muslim. If liquor is banned in Malaysia, it is unfair to the non-Muslim. In Malaysia, there are many different religion and nation but only the Muslim cannot consume liquor is not banned in other religion allow. If they do not cause any fight or problems, they are allowed to drink. For example, the Terengganu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and industry is very disappointed about the ban of liquor consumption at the hotel. They mention that they are free to drink in the room as the private places in hotel and it involves the right of non-Muslim. Liquor also brings benefit to the economy. If liquor ban in Malaysia, many tourists from other country may not come to Malaysia because they can drink and buy liquor when they on their vacation. Liquor is benefit to the economy by earning from high tax revenues. The government can use the money to construct the economy or other activities. For example, according to law Malays, the Muslim firms must have 30% of the ownership to the private company which produce liquor. In this case, Malay firms become the biggest partnership of the alcohol company in Malaysia and use the money to the plantation system and bring benefit to country.

Most the drinkers do not agree that liquor should be banned in Malaysia due to of the rights of the non- Muslims and liquor will bring benefits to economy. However, this essay show that liquor must banned in Malaysia since it creates poverty, cause crime problems and health problems

Argument 1
Liquor should be banned in Malaysia because the liquor creates poverty. Nowadays, there are many drinkers drink everyday and they spend a lot of money on buying liquor. The price of liquor is very expensive because the government set it with high taxes to reduce the population of drinkers. But the liquor companies pack all the alcohol drinks in a small bottle and they are able to sell them in a very low price. With this, the drinkers are able to buy their drinks and enjoy their happy hour. Most of the liquor companies are targeted on Indian people especially the Indian labors who work in rubber and oil palm estate. They had spent a lot of money on buying liquor but their income is very low and actually not enough for them to spent on liquor. They cannot pay for their meal for everyday but they are willing to pay for their liquor. Normally, they spend about RM300 on buying liquor per month that they had earned from their work.Furthermore, they are not able to afford to support their family and become the burden to the family and the society. Some of the worse drinkers cannot wake up for the next day or feel ill after drinking and they cannot go to work. If they cannot work, they will not get any income for paying their expense for their family or even want to pay for the medical payment fees. For example, most of the Indian drinkers like to drink a kind of liquor named Samsu. They spend about 5.5 million on Samsu per year. So most of the Samsu are packed into small bottle that between 140ml to 175ml and sold about RM1.50 to RM3.00. These small packages of drink are specially target to the poor that manage to buy the Samsu. So they will spend more money on drinking and become the burden to their family.

Argument 2
Secondly, liquor also causes criminal problems to the society. From the newspaper, there are much news that talks about abuse, fights, accidents and robbery. But most of the reasons that cause them to happen are because of drunkenness. There are many case of abuse that found in the Indian family. Most of the abuser is male and they will hit or kick their wife and children when they drunk. This had become a serious problem to society and family. The drinker may regret that what they have done after they wake up but they cannot control themselves when they are drunk. It is very dangerous to the family and the pains of hurt to them are not only physically or even mentally. For example, there a teenager named Sanjeev and his father always slapped him and took all the saving pocket money from Sanjeev. Sanjeev knew that his father took his money to buy the cheap liquor. Liquor also causes the problem of fighting cases and these always happen at the places such as of pubs or discos. When people get drunk, they may have arguments with the other group of people. They cannot control their anger or emotion when they are in the argument and they start fighting. This always happen between the younger age teenager. The other serious problem is the cases of stealing and robbery that always happen around the society. People will steal or rob for money to buy their drinks. The other problem is road accidents that normally happen in weekends. They drive after they get drunk and when they wake up, they find that they had crush on the tree or in the drain. For example, 30 per cent of road accident nation-wide are mostly cause by the drink and drive habit as found by the road safety council.

Argument 3
Lastly, consuming liquor is harmful for health. Some television advertisement had misleading that drinking is good for health. Liquor can help people feel worm but if consuming more and more liquor, they will fell more uncomfortable in return. They will start sweating, become stressful and cannot control themselves from drinking. If they start drink everyday, they find it difficult to give up drinking, and in the end they become alcoholics. There are many health problems that be caused by alcohol such as cirrhosis of the liver, kidney problem, heart disease, and ulcers. The most usual drinker will suffer headaches and stomach upsets after drinking. They will sweat very much and the hand will not stop on the tumbling. There is a popular health problem cause by drinking is liver disease and it will cause the function of the liver become weak or even fail to function.

In conclusion, liquor should be banned in Malaysia because liquor creates poverty, cause crime problem and health problem to the Malaysian. Liquor actually is not necessary for daily use. Many people become poor or even many crime cases happen in the society all because of drinking liquor. Drinking liquor is also harmful to health and the advertisements mislead audiences that liquor is good for health. If the government do not ban and control the number of drinker, many drinkers cannot work to earn their money for their family. It also affects the economy and the government need to waste more money on the medical spends and taking care for the poor people. The crime cases will affect that the numbers of tourists take their vacation in Malaysia and lose the income from the tourism. Malaysia will become poorer and lost many income because of liquor. As a result, liquor should be banned in Malaysia and stop consuming liquor.

There are many ways to reduce the problem that bring from the liquor. The government should ban all the advertisements of liquor and promotional activities that encourage Malaysian to drink more liquor. The taxes of liquor should be increase more and control the buying of liquor. The other way is the government should not give the license about selling liquor to the coffee shop o supermarket. So the government should start to control the selling of liquor and banned it in Malaysia. Then the problem of crime, heath and poor can be reduced after banning liquor in Malaysia.